We are on the verge of winter, which means that those heaters will be cranked up in our households, drawing us in from the cold. Unfortunately, pesky little critters like to make room for their family and friends where the warmth is, which can infringe on overall comfort in the home.  There are many types of pests who invade homes during winter in Arkansas. A common one is the boxelder bug. During the hot season, the half-inch-long insects live on box elder trees and eat seeds. But when the weather cools off, they move inside for protection from the elements. As the temperature dips, these pests disappear under the siding of homes or into cracks and crevices and manage to find their way into wall voids. And this year, you’ll be seeing a lot more of these little bugs with distinct red markings on their wings. Why? You can thank our hot, dry summer. These bugs have some serious skills when it comes to getting inside and with a big population this season, your nuisance level will probably skyrocket. Here are few tips to keep in mind with boxelder bugs this winter: If crushed, they will produce a purple or red stain, so don’t use your shoe or squash them on your nice white carpet It is recommended to vacuum boxelder bugs and dump them outside Caulking cracks and crevices and even around window frames can help curb their numbers If you need a little more firepower, a product containing carbaryl is recommended; insecticidal soap can also work, but should be used every other day or everyday Because these bugs are coldblooded, they can’t move when the thermometer reaches below 50 degrees and at lower temps, they even go dormant. But on mild winter days, you will find them near windows looking for light and heat. To keep these critters at bay, the professionals at Legacy  know exactly how to take care of boxelder bugs and all your household pests that can become a problem. 

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