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Pest Control

Very few things can disrupt the harmony of a home like pests. We have been helping ensure harmony in homes and businesses for more than 45 years.

Our comprehensive and flexible residential treatment covers your home and business inside and out, and doing so in a manner that ensures the health and safety of your family is our top priority.

We don’t leave a nook or cranny uncovered, from obvious treatment areas such as the kitchen, bathrooms and exterior doorways to the more subtle hiding spots such as fireplaces, areas around plumbing, your home’s perimeter and foundation.

We search for potential pest-harboring sites — trash storage areas, garden beds with mulch, pool pump and filter areas, storage buildings, even accessible holes in trees. Thorough inspections — and thorough collaboration with customers about treatment methods — are the key to our excellent service.

In addition to homes, we serve restaurants, banks, daycare centers, health-care facilities and more. Our customized programs meet the specific needs of individual businesses.

Whether residential or commercial, we offer the same family-owned, locally operated service, and we strive to provide it at an affordable price. In fact, we raise rates on average just once every four years.

Integrated Pest Management.

Our integrated approach to pest management means we’ll eliminate pests in, around and under your home or business. We treat all pests, indoor and out.

Our inspections will reveal what pests are present and the most effective and affordable way to eliminate them. Once we’re ready to apply a treatment, we’ll make sure the customer knows precisely what treatments are used and inform them of any new conditions in or around the home that could be conducive to new pests.

We strive for a strong, two-way communication between technician and customer so when necessary, we can adjust treatments between regular services at no charge.

Our goal is for this integrated service to make customers feel like they have an inside source in the business.