If you’ve got pets, then you’ve probably encountered fleas in your home. The parasitic pests may start off by hopping a ride on your dog or cat, but they’re perfectly content to settle for human blood, too. And they’ll go after any warm body within reach. Here are a five tips to help you keep the flea circus from making a multiple-date stop in your house. This might seem like a no-brainer, but keep your house cleaned and vacuumed regularly. This will remove any existing flea populations plus prevent egg laying. And if you find an adult flea, chances are it has already laid hundreds of eggs. Keep your yard groomed. Fleas feed on rodents and other small animals that find refuge and even food sources in overgrown bush. If the rodents are there, the fleas will be too. This may be hard for some pet owners to hear, but keeping them on a leash even in your own backyard can help avoid fleas. Speaking of rodents, if you have a rodent problem, you may very well have a flea problem as well. Just one more reason to call us! Bathe and groom your pets often, especially in summer. Flea treatments, as prescribed by your veterinarian, can help. If you still encounter fleas, call Legacy. Fleas mostly annoy, but they are carriers of the rare bubonic plague and a form of typhus. Some could experience allergic reactions to their bites, but most of us will just itch and scratch.   So, better to get the jump on those pesky fleas. 

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